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Music Lessons


 I began teaching drums in high school. Since then I have added guitar and voice to my repertoire, as well as career consultation. 

English Editing

$40/250 words poetry or 1000 words prose/article/essay/script

I began my editing career in college when peers asked me to edit an essay or short story before turning it in. Since then I have edited for established authors like Shy Watson and new artists like Ijeoma Uba.

Video Editing

$50 and $10/minute of video produced 

I started in film with experimental work in high school. Then I studied film for a year at MWSU where I wrote and directed an ad, a music video and a short film in a semester. I have produced over 60 hours of video for YouTube and clients like the United Methodist Church.

Web Design


I began creating websites in high school for my film experiments. I have since designed websites for all my bands and the three businesses I have started. I look forward to helping more people share their message with the world.



Do you have a project you want to do yourself but don't know where to start? Whether it's distributing your own music, getting ready to tour, starting your own business or finding inner peace, I can help you on your journey. 

ACT test/Academic Tutoring


I specialize in the ACT and have helped over 100 students. Over two dozen scored a 30 or more. 

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