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Welcome to my bakery. My name is Ethan and I have baked for as long as I can remember. I love baking cookies, pies, cakes, and, since discovering my French heritage, I especially enjoy baking bread.

I am proud to source my ingredients ethically: I utilize all organic ingredients. My packaging is recycled and compostable. I avoid using animal products. 

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Due to Missouri's surreal cottage 

laws I cannot accept payments here. Contact your local representative today, and frequently. I reply to orders however they are sent (email, text, call) with an invoice payable by debit card. You can also pay by check or cash at pickup or delivery. 


See my offerings below.

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answers to frequent queries

I stop taking orders from the menu two days before the day you want your items. From the cookies to the bread, my work takes time.


When you decide what baked goods you want for the week (everything on the menu freezes well) email me through the form. I also accept texts or calls. Please leave a voicemail with your order if I don't answer.

For payment, I respond to your order however I am contacted (email, text, or call) with an invoice you can pay via debit or credit card.

Or, if you pick up your order, you can pay via cash or card.

For delivery, I ask a flat delivery fee of $3 and $1/mile driven from approximately Twin Pines Country Club in Harrisonville, MO. I ship my baked goods via USPS if you are willing to pay the overnight fees.